Power Grab

We have now a culture in Washington that does not seek to represent the People of America. Instead they seek to represent eachothers best interests.  Protecting corruption, hiding deceptions and directing American money, not to the people but to their own special interests. Special interests meaning Friends that seek one thing. Power. Control.

Global warming Cap and Trade is not about making the Globe less warm. It is about taxing. It is about money. Taken from you and made more palatable because you feel it is a Good Cause. The truth is it will not have an affect on Global Temperature. They know this, you should know this.
Healthcare reform is not about making you more healthy. It is about taking over your healthcare.

Injecting political agenda’s and controls into 1/6 of the country’s economy. It is about creating a web so tight it cannot be undone. And will strangle us. Putting the long fingers of politicians, mandates, limits, endless tax paid  positions in administering these mandates. Indecision and delays while we wait and wait for treatments while some politician appointed committee decides if we are worthy.

It does not matter the words used. They can call it healthcare reform, insurance reform, public option , co op, they can pour sweet perfume and flowery words all over this bill, they can fight over little amendments here and there.  But in the end it is a destruction of our Freedoms in the most private and important aspect of our lives.


Your health in the hands of Politicians

Putting your faith and trust into the hands of politicians. Government Control of your Health. Politicians decide whats best for all Ameriacans. Nobody should put their trust in a Politician.

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Where are the Jobs?

Pass this Stimulus or Jobless rate will climb to 10%. Pass the Stimulus or America will face Catastrophe. Pass this bill before you read it. Now pass Government Healthcare or America Deficit will climb. Pass Healthcare reform before you read the bill. Pass this poorly constructed, massive tax burden and deficit builder so we can save money…HuH

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Rights and Freedoms

You  are not going to get the information you need from the Media.  .  Your Rights and Freedom are being taken away at lightening speed.  A few minutes each day or even a week to read and be informed and to get active is crucial. Areas of importance:

Freedom of Speech
Democrats label any difference of opinion to theirs as Hate speach.  And are enacting laws that limit your rights to your own opinion…
Health Care
Massive government takeover of your health in the form of massive taxes, massive tax burdens to business, loss of quality Doctors, loss of innovation, and health rationing.  Not to mention the cost to you.

Business Destruction
Democrats actually believe that a tax paid job is job creation. and fail to realize that you need productive, successful business to actually create a tax base and a job creation base. Business is under full attack by the current administration.President Obama has now demonstrated to the world’s investors that rules and laws don’t matter – – his personal and political preferences are what matter, and he will get his way, even if investors are denied their rights and damaged in the process.

Loony Laws
The president of the US tells a private company who to hire who to fire, what kind of car to manufacture, who they are to make deals with, and ignores our basic rights, our constitution and of course now has to keep pouring your money into what was a private car company.  A private company that  produced jobs,  income and opportunity now costs you money.  It wont stop at this company.
There will be a continual interference of government control, regulation and yes destruction of all forms of business except Government.  Because don’t forget, government is BIG Business and is taking in Big money, the difference is…It’s YOUR MONEY.  It’s the money you work hard for every day. And in an ever shrinking business environment your work gets harder and pays less and less.  While Democrats will demand more and more.  Your money goes where they decide, for their pet projects, for their friends who in turn give to the democrats re-election.

I remember a great country where laws made sense and we were free.  Free from government control in every aspect of our lives. Free from political agenda’s that force their ideals as early as kindergarten.  We did not feel the need to impose a small minority of peoples views onto the majority in the name of fairness or victimization.  We lived before the ACLU interfered with every simple cross and every prayer said in America and used our courts to further their agenda.  When the news was news and not used as a political biased platform to lie, withhold information and distort stories in order to prop up their side and trash down an opposing side.  When children had actual friends instead of cyber freinds and were outside playing, yes in the front yard or down the street.  When parents disciplined their children out of love and feared more the  raising of a brat than being politically correct.  I believe you and I must fight to keep these values or forever lose the most precious gift, Freedom. But  Freedom with no values or morals turns to chaos.  In order to be free we must want to do the right thing.  We must act civilized and agree on what is civilized.  We must love our country, our community, our neighbors and our families above our political party.  WE must do the right thing even when we see everybody else doing  wrong .

As conservatives we have truth on our side.  Not that every politician is truthful but what we stand for is the truth.  It is easier for a time to lie to the people.  To say the Government cares therefore we must control.  To put on a big smile make you feel good and lie.  But the truth in a Free country will come to light.  Let us remain Free.