Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor


The “Good News” of a Hostile Takeover

Ask yourself , How far will a Democrat go to turn a very bad policy and hostile takeover of private industry into a positive.   Below is how Senator Boxer explains the “good news” of a hostile takeover of the entire student loan program.  A bill attached to no less than the Healthcare Reform bill without so much as a whisper of debate. With the stroke of a pen and a House of corrupt congressmen the private student loan program is gone.

Boxer gleefully sends an email to her constituents:

“I am pleased to tell you about a new law that will make college more affordable for millions of students.
The Student Aid and Financial Responsibility Act (SAFRA) mandates that all new federal student loans starting in 2010 will originate through a Direct Loan program instead of through taxpayer-subsidized lenders.
SAFRA will generate $61 billion in savings over the next ten years that will be used to increase Pell Grant scholarships, keep interest rates on federal loans affordable, support minority-serving institutions, make major new investments in community colleges, and reduce the federal deficit.
I am so pleased that this vital legislation has been passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama.  You can count on me to keep working to make college more affordable for American students and their families.”

Lets look at this sentence.  The Student Aid and Financial Responsibility Act (SAFRA)  mandates that all new federal student loans starting in 2010 will originate through a Direct Loan program instead of through taxpayer-subsidized lenders.

The Federal Government under Democrat control is  Mandating your life.  Telling you what you will do.   All new student loans.   Your choice has been ripped out from under you and from now on Pelosi, Obama, and some group of politicians will now decide everything about your education.  If they control the money they control your education.  Direct Loan program this is a cute name for the Federal Government run loan program.  Clever the words chosen to depict private industry such as a bank as a taxpayer-subsidized lender. I did not hear anything from Ms. Boxer about the thousands of people being laid off from the ” taxpayer subsidized lender” (the Banks).  Being replaced by more government jobs.

And the coup de gra  support minority-serving institutions.

Who gets the money will now be dictated not by who wants and needs a college degree but by the color of your skin and your minority status. Just when America was getting beyond race and moving forward to a non discriminating country we are thrust back into it, not by Republicans who are moving past race and into merit.  Believing in earning through effort where race is not the factor.  But by the democrats continuing their discrimination rant and pushing it upon the American public in hopes of gaining brownie points for their constituents.  However the smoke is wearing thin and minorities are growing tired of being victims and ready to claim effort and pride as their motto.

It is becoming more and more difficult to hide the fact that minority based hiring and preferences in student loans, grants, and public hiring practices  is founded in Racism. It is also clear there is a concerted effort for the most hostile American takeover of private industry ever put upon the USA is now well under way.

TeaParty Movement has Arrived

The Teaparty movement has arrived.  And the proof is in the Liberal reaction we have just witnessed.  When the Democrats perceive a threat to themselves and their ugly policies they can always be counted on to pull out the tried and overused Race Card.  The pointy fingers of the left have come out and should be a grand compliment to all the Teaparties around the Nation. The more they accuse rather than defend policy the more you should congratulate yourself.   Because it clearly offers proof of  their failure.  They cannot defend the Bill so attack any person opposed to it.

Unable to defend bad policy they condemn and slander. Not just the Tea Party groups but  all who stand in thier way and dare to speak a different opinion.    Liberals have played this strategy over and over and over again.    They cannot defend a broken budget.  They cannot defend reckless spending with no results, they cannot defend government takeover of private industry, nor can they defend the corruption that permeates the Democratic party, the payoffs, the abuse of power, the lies told in order to pass their unpopular bills.  They have nothing real to stand on.    Every corner of this great nation is failing under the liberal left control.

Democrat policies are not only bad economics but adjunct failures and are vastly unpopular.  This liberal administration is not concerned with the people of this country.  They are on a vendetta against the very foundation on which we stand.  Our personal freedom and wealth. Liberals conclude they do not like what the people decide, so they will decide for you.

Teaparties have the truth behind them.  They  have shown knowledge instead of blind emotional rhetoric.  Sometimes understanding more about bills than the congressmen themselves. The Constitution of the United States of America has served us well. It has a  solid proven track record of success.  The liberal agenda policies have a proven track record of failure.  Socialism has never worked for the people Ever. It is not working now.

No matter the lies  thrown  to cover  inadequate governing, the race card they pull out year after year, the phony act of caring about the poor people of this country.  They know, just as we do, that the policies they are putting upon the people are making them poorer by the minute.

The GOP together with the Teaparty movement has a tall order in front of them.  Organization and leadership is essential. Without organized effort they risk falling to chaos.  So how does the movement gain power and momentum?  What is next.
Just keep moving forward and upward.  Reach new heights, gather momentum, have vision and direction of purpose.  It is not only to gather and show numbers but to lobby legislators, enact laws, encourage and support conservative candidates, and to change the tide of bad government that has led America down the wrong path. The path of socialism, control,  and tying the hands of prosperity.

TeaParty members and supporters take heart.  You will persevere and march on with heads held high with a  knowledge that is solid, built on strength of  beliefs and grounded in truth.  Believing  in power of the people not over the people.  Believing that achievement should be rewarded out of our own efforts and struggles and not called greed or immoral.  We have the right to work and achieve great heights for ourselves and our families without the government taking it away.  We believe in the opportunity that a free society gives and that our country must be free of the chains of Socialism and corrupt abuse of power.