I Want My Country Back

I want my country back.

I know that we have sat on the sidelines for too long,
Watching in unbelief as values erode.  It started out small.  Little things like what was allowed in schools.  Discipline was stripped away from our teachers and principals  and soon as parents we were told we were wrong to discipline.
I noticed sex was creeping into our living room t.v. earlier and earlier.  Then it was homosexual sex that our kids were being exposed to.  Brittney kissed Madonna prime time and girls all over the country thought that was the cool thing to do.  Now we have girls pulling up their tops for cameras.  Girls having plastic surgery before they are 18.
Boys who are feminized and girls are masculinized
Boys are wearing make up and girls are kicking A__.

We are told that crosses are offensive and uttering the word God in school is OMG!  So offensive.   In a few short years
We have a country in deep trouble.  Most of our kids are taking drugs.  Whether we know it or not or admit it or not.
They have no respect for parents, teachers, law or anything else.  Why would they.  Have we shown them anything different.
I want my country back..
Where people were married and walked their kids to school with paper bag lunches.  Where moms didn’t have fake breasts and kids didn’t have 2 dads.  Mom knew how to bake cookies and didn’t have a new boyfriend every year.
I want my county back
When we didn’t need 3,000 page  laws written by lawyers and
Politicians trying to make a name or a buck who claim they want to keep us safe when really they want to give us tickets and fines and fill up their wallets and votes.

I remember a time when kids roamed free in a city because if anyone dared hurt or be strange with a kid they wouldn’t live to see another day.  Now we slap them in rehab with
A shrink and let them back on the street

What we need are real people who are not afraid to say it like it is.  People who remember good from bad, wrong from right.  People who have a little shame now and then.

I want my country back.
A country with jobs.  That honors success.  That rewards
Hard work at any level.  Without jealousy and hatred perpetuated by government so we can all feel better when we get those government handouts.  No I want to work and be  successful.  I want to be at the top
But if I’m not still  have the grace and integrity to say I gave it my best shot and it was my doing.  Not the glass ceiling or discrimination or my neighbor who drives a better car.
God Bless those who get there.
What I miss most about my country is common decency.
Common sense.  Honesty in ourselves without fear of appearing politically correct.  Laws that make sense not money.  People that have pride in themselves, how they dress, how they act and what they say.  Nice people.
That’s what I miss.  That’s what I want back..  LM