Approve ? Of What.

I sat perplexed recently at an approval rating chart of the Obama administration.  Approve of What.  Name one thing One that deserves an approval.  The war on terror.  No.  The economy, Hell no.    The debt.  Uh no.   Has the environment improved.  The oil spill is in  months 2 with  no action from the democrats.  Double no.  Race relations.  Can I say Arizona.  Is America more respected in the world.  Ask our allies Isreal and Britian who are shocked and offended and our enemies who are laughing at us.  Is business better off ? Well only if you are on Obama’s list of  backdoor buddies on the recieving end of stimulus boocko bucks.  Otherwise your out of luck, swimming in taxes, federal mandates, red tape, healthcare you can’t afford and a constant attack as the bad business meanies.

Government has grown, debt has grown, fear has grown.  While liberties have shrunk, money is dissappearing, business is folding,  jobs are declining.  Taxes are up. Revenue is down.  Welfare and government dependence is at an all time high while independence and prosperity is at an all time low.

This is what the Democrats approve of ? If this is truly what they approve of then I think it is safe to say they are wrong.  There are only 2 reasons a person can say they approve of Obama and the Democrat controlled government.    They want so badly to believe after long years of believeing in these bad policies that they are right.  It is called Denial.  The other reason is they simply are not paying attention.  Perhaps they have a government job, their salary is not changed, their benefits have not changed.  It’s all good according to them.  They are protected in the government circle of security.  Or perhaps they are on the recieving end of handouts and things are good.  For now.

It is time for the Democrates to face facts.  Their policies of socialism do not work.  They have become addicted to activism and have lost site of the real goal.  A better America.  A better way of life.  Government is not nicer.  It is not cost effective.  Government limits choice, limits freedom and lacks compassion.  Government is corrupt and is without consequences.   If a company treats us poorly, does not give the service we want, we change companies, immediatly.  Government covers up and politicians are not held accountable especially if they are democrats because the media protects them.  They feed eachother just like the unions who exthort money from their members and use it without accountability to elect Democrats who in turn draft laws which gain the unions power.

It is time for Democrats to make a choice. A choice of party or a choice for their country.  Democrats must stand up against the policies of this administration.  They must take a stand for principals or forever be the party of hypacrites.  No longer can they hide behind pointing fingers and shouts of how much they care.  They have turned a cold shoulder on the people of this county who are suffering.  The people in need of jobs. They have ignored people gathered in the streets to cry for freedom from their policies of government control and heavy handidness.  They have favored illegal entrants and turned on their own citizens.  They have divided and enouraged heartless actions on a state protecting itself from crime and drug trafficiking.  They have watched with hands behind their backs as oil spills in the ocean and poisons our lands.  No outcry was heard.  The answer was to turn off jobs with a moratorium on drilling.  The only solution the democrats came up wtih.  Tax it.  Cap & Trade.  Where are all the Green loving Democrats while the oil spills and oozes poison.  Too busy shutting off water to farmers in California because of a smelt fish.  Where are all the Celebrities crying over the oil soaked birds.  Hypocrites.

What do they approve of ?  I want to know.