Save our Lemonade Stands

We have gone too far as a country and a society when our police shut down childhood Lemonade Stands in the name of code violations.

When police shut down kids Lemonade Stands in front yards of America, they shut down the heart of America.

Citations given to kids for selling lemonade is too much  intrusion into our lives and the lives of our children.  When we become afraid of our own government and police because of oppressive laws that take away our freedom and our way of life, I say it’s time to

Stand Up for the lemonade Stands

And put up your crosses too,  for those offended few, who wish to take away from all.  Order a hamburger and a side of fries, screw in the light bulb  that suits you, not them.  Drive the car you want, not the puny pathetic cars they tell you to drive.  Pray outside, in public if you want to and talk in un politically correct English. Go to the doctor of your choice and get the procedure he sees fit, not some government committee.

Dont let them take away our way of life, our freedoms. Stop oppressive governments that destroy rights and make our life burdonsome and hard.  That make us afraid to say what is true common sense .

Stop the EPA from taking away farm land and gives a tiny fish more rights than thousands of farmers and farmers families who grow our food.  Take back the right to work in our own oil fields and drill our own oil instead of buying from countries that wish us harm.

Take a stand now before it gets out of hand.  Before it goes too far down a path to return..Take a Stand before we lose our childrens innocence and dreams of a lemonade stand on a beautiful Saturday morning in their own front yard.

Fresh Lemonade for All !!

by one voice