I remember a great country where laws made sense and we were free.  Free from government control in every aspect of our lives. Free from political agenda’s that force their ideals as early as kindergarten.  We did not feel the need to impose a small minority of peoples views onto the majority in the name of fairness or victimization.  We lived before the ACLU interfered with every simple cross and every prayer said in America and used our courts to further their agenda.  When the news was news and not used as a political biased platform to lie, withhold information and distort stories in order to prop up their side and trash down an opposing side.  When children had actual friends instead of cyber freinds and were outside playing, yes in the front yard or down the street.

I remember a time when it was unthinkable that we give terrorists and enemies of American People special rights and lush prisons.  It was unthinkable that politicians care more for the rights of these terrorists than those of the military who defend us against them.
These are Unthinkable times.  We have to decide as a nation what we want to uphold.  What traditions are ours to claim and hold to them.  Otherwise we will slip and fall down a slope where there is no climbing back.  Freedom means only that we are free to pursue happiness and free to worship as we please.  It does not mean that we can strip away christian traditions or family marriage traditions because it offends or displeases one person or group. As we have seen in  problems in this county, when we do not have a common language and we try to appease another group language, then we cannot stop at that language but must include another and another util we exhaust ourselves.  Just the same as religion.  We do have a traditional cultural religion called christianity in America.  Incorporated since the begining into all aspects of life.  It does not impose itself on any who wish to follow another religion it does not promote any ill will to any other religion or person.  But provides a basis, a standard, by which we can live.  Thus those who come here see our crosses and nativitiy at Christmas, See our churches and hear our prayers but should not be surprised or offended.   Just as I would not be surpised to find Hindu in India, or Buddism in China.


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