It is about Quality of Life in America

Economy and jobs are tied to economic freedom.  The freedom we enjoy as a country like no other.  A country where people all over the world wished to come, for the chance and the opportunity to excel,  They yearned as we do for the Good Life.  To choose our own destiny.  To gain our own rewards.

There are those who wish to change this Dream .  Change it into their own image.  One of Government domination.  A strike of a pen or an overnight decision allows one man with a few accomplices to change our dream.

 Government unrestrained  treats it’s people as an enemy.  Spying on them , on the internet, and above in the sky’s with Drones.  Making law after law that entraps us, keeps us from our freedom, and creates fear in our homes.

As our government gives to one, it takes from another, and it takes more and more. It is never satisfied, only grows more hungry and searches for new ways to tax you, and new ways to make itself more powerful.  A government unrestrained always turns against it’s people.

 Fear the government with an outstretched hand, promising you everything.  What it gives today it takes tomorrow.  And it comes with a big price. It robs you of your independence, freedoms and opportunity.  It robs the soul that reaches for a better life. Taking away pride from a proud people.

Do not let the government dominate our lives, control our existence.  We are a free people.  For good or bad we stand on our own sweat, our own labors and our own dreams.

We must choose the America for our children.  The country we want to leave behind is a free country and a place where we do not fear our government. A place where we can speak our mind, choose our destiny, and live our dreams.

Laurie Marquez